Aerotrains Logistics & Engg. Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Company Profile

Aerotrains Logistics & Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (ALES),
an emerging luminary in the horizon of Complete Freight Forwarding solutions. We provide End-to-End solutions to your Freight Forwarding needs anywhere anytime around the globe offering premium customer services to businesses worldwide.Our personal service, expert knowledge of freight forwarding and customs clearance is supreme. Utilizing a network of our agents worldwide, our dedicated professionals ship valuable commodities with the utmost professionalism and ease. We are an up-and-coming force to reckon with in Global Freight Forwarding.

Mission Statement

Our Mission
Our purpose is to establish psychological proximity of our customer with their customers constantly. We strive to build relationship based on mutual trust, respect and transparency.

Vision Statement

Our Vision
Delivering trust at your doorsteps ,Compressing the world map through pro-activeness, innovation, commitment and service excellence, to lead in becoming one-stop-shop for all your logistical needs

Guiding Principles

We strive for excellence in everything we do in our services and the value that our customers derive from them, our human relations and our competitiveness. Fundamental to our success are these basic principles:


Our customer is the focus of everything we do. We have made Quality Service our number one priority to achieve total customer satisfaction. We want our satisfied customers to be our first line of advertisement.


Our employees are the backbone of our organisation. They determine our reputation. We nurture them to bring out their optimum level of performance through continuous training for enhancement of skills.

Associated and Strategic Alliance Partners

We maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with our worldwide associates and strategic alliance partners. Such associations enhance our service capabilities in a global environment.


Our Services is our Product. We have achieved a competitive advantage by providing services of the highest quality.

Social Responsibility

We aim to ensure that the conduct of our company is in a manner that is socially responsible, and commands respect for its integrity and its positive contribution to the society.

Quality Policy

We, in pursuit of Excellence, continually strive to achieve total customer satisfaction consistent with professional standards & Ethics. Quality permeating all aspects of our operations with special emphasis on marketing, customer services and work culture shall foster excellence and provide congenial working environment


Our Philosophy
We want our satisfied customers to be our first line of advertisement.
Corporate Governance Philosophy
We associate ourselves with all our stakeholders in a transparent and just manner. We ensure to, not only adhere to the legal standards, but also to the ethical and moral standards of business.

Goals and Objectives

Our Perfect Goals and Objectives
Our focus would be to spread the vicinity of our well trusted brand values globally by enhancing our goodwill and      reputation.
We will acquire cutting edge technology to better adapt to the constant change in the industry.
We will reassert our identity as “system driven” organization.
We make sure to organize and circulate information to ease the pressure of the entire supply chain connected      to us.